Our core values act as behavioural guidelines that influence how we work with each other and our clients. They give us confidence that we are using the same set of guiding principles and standards of behaviour in what we do. They communicate the kind of service that our clients can expect to receive when working with us. We have three core values:


1. Customer Focus

We understand that meeting your organisations objectives is instrumental to our success. We are therefore deeply committed to meeting the needs of our clients and achieving the highest level of client satisfaction:

  • We listen to our clients, seeking first to understand, then to be understood
  • We are committed to delivering to their identified needs, providing sector insight based on first-hand experience
  • We proactively keep abreast of national strategies and sector developments
  • We build long term, mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, confidence, and doing the right thing
  • We are highly responsive and proactive to our client's needs

2. Quality and Excellence

We deliver quality and excellence, striving for the highest standard in everything that we do. This means that we deliver on our commitments and promises and exceed expectations:

  • We respond to client’s needs with customised and flexible solutions to their specific situation
  • We relentlessly focus on quality and excellence in everything that we do, welcoming feedback as means of improvement
  • We learn by continuously developing and deepening our knowledge of our business, and sharing the skills of everyone within it, building on good practice
  • Providing independent and objective advice
  • We walk the talk - our consultants are hands on, holding themselves accountable, taking responsibility for their actions
team work

3. Teamwork

Our team recognise that the most innovative solutions come from working in partnership with each other and our clients and recognise that sustainable benefits can only be delivered if you have commitment and buy-in at all levels:

  • We work together as one team and model behaviours that encourage delivery excellence
  • We lead by example, acting with integrity and respect
  • We value inclusiveness and seek to empower and inspire each other and our clients to unleash their potential and achieve our shared goals
  • We readily share our experience, ideas and good practices
  • We emphasise skills and knowledge transfer in how we work with our clients to promote sustainability and self-sufficiency
  • We respect and value each other’s time, skills, points of views, and contributions
  • We work hard and play hard - we have fun in what we do and celebrate achievements

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