About Us


About Us

Transforming care is an employee-owned firm. We work across the North of England providing consulting services support to public and third sector organisations that commission and provide health and social care services.

We bring deep sector knowledge combined with our expertise in management consulting and delivering transformational change to support clients cut through complexity to deliver exceptional results, adding real value from day one. We help clients to identify, plan, design and deliver solutions to complex challenges that achieve improved and sustainable outcomes for their organisations and the individuals, families and communities that they serve. We enable organisations to improve efficiency within their operations without compromising care; work collaboratively across organisations to bring together and staff and resources to deliver against shared objectives; and integrate with new partners to deliver sustainable, high-quality, person centred care.

Our reputation lies in building lasting relationships with our clients based on a shared understanding, providing deep sector insight and a focus on delivering exceptional quality and value in everything that we do.

1. We understand our clients and the challenges that they face

From CCGs, Acutes, Local Government to Third Sector organisations we understand how you work and the challenges that you face. We recognise that the UK’s health and social care system is facing unprecedented challenges - a complex blend of demographic, social and budgetary pressures. These include:

  • Coping with increasing financial pressures and doing more with less
  • Maintaining and improving safety and quality in a resource-constrained environment
  • Delivering against nationally mandated standards of care
  • The ever increasing drive for effective personalised services across health and social care reflecting the changing needs of individuals, families and their communities and increasing public expectations
  • Government policy placing a duty on organisations and statutory bodies to deliver against the integration agenda, providing holistic care for individuals, carers and their families

2. We understand the health and social care system

We understand the complexity health and social care system and the symbiotic nature of the organisations that work within it. This understanding enables us to support our clients with their challenges through both an internal and external lens. We can focus our efforts internally and support clients to improve productivity and reduce expenditure within their current models of care, drawing from best practice and our experience of design and delivery of a multitude of complex transformation initiatives. Complementary to this we can work with you to explore and create opportunities outside your organisational boundaries so that a broader, system wide approach can be employed enabling challenges to be shared and solutions to be developed in collaboration with partners.

3. We know how to implement transformational change in the public sector that delivers sustainable benefits

We recognise that delivering change in a public sector environment is unique. Working effectively requires political awareness and a flexible and collaborative approach, underpinned by openness and honesty. We know from our experience that real and lasting change cannot be enforced, it must be welcomed and embraced by all key stakeholders, from executive management to front line staff and the patients and services uses that receive the care that you provide. We adopt a hands-on approach with our clients, collaboratively designing and developing bespoke solutions that gain effective buy-in and commitment. This increases the likelihood that when change is implemented and embedded it delivers genuine, lasting benefits. We take our clients on a journey that emphasises self-sufficiency and sustainability through knowledge transfer, empowering your stakeholders and staff in a way that drives ownership and accountability.

At Transforming Care we are driven by a passion to make a difference. Our team bring energy and enthusiasm, consistently delivering to the highest quality in a way that meets and exceeds clients’ expectations and takes your people with us.


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